BaskAtSchool Erasmus + Sport Proyect
First Objective of the project

We need to encourage physical education in schools

Interactions with the sport sector, local authorities
and the private sector are wellcome.

About the project

How did this project arise?

Promote physical activity

Schools are one of the most relevant settings for physical activity promotion because is where youth expend the most part of the day.
Schools’ role on promoting physical activity and sport in their own space outside formal curriculum are recognised in different EU sport policies but also by the World Health Organisation.

Education System

The relationship between the education system and the sport system is not always linear. Although, many local clubs develop their own activities in school spaces with local students outside their formal education schedules.









Our Practice Areas

Within the project there are different activities included in “work packages” that implement the project.

1. Child Support


2. Teachers Support

3. Management and coordination

4. Media Resources

We provide online training resources

5. Local workshops

6.Health Protection

The purpose

The purpose of the project is, using basketball as the reference, to identify different forms of relationship between sport clubs and schools and thus to set a guide with basic principles to develop policy for clubs and school to promote together their own projects where to raise the participation of all children and young people in sport.

Locations of Memberships

As an intercultural project, the collaborating members of the project are from different parts of the European Union


FBCLM - Coordinator
C. Francisco de Ocampo 1,
CP:13600 Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real
+34 926 54 51 84

Portugal / partner

Universidad Coimbra - Partner


Basketball Federation of Osijek-baranja - Partner


Physis Outdoor Training - Partner

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